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Tf7 Labs


Tf7 labs offers users with a full range of ‘health/fitness supplement’ that target various different aspects of our wellbeing. There are fat burners, muscle enhancers, recovery agents which help users optimise the working of their inner metabolic systems.

This allows users to greatly enhance the amount of fat they can burn, and subsequently develop their physiques to one’s satisfaction. A key focus of the company is to use only naturally derived ingredients, thus there are only herbal components in the various supplements which are easy to breakdown and are utilized by our bodies.

In order to alleviate any issues users may have, the supplements provide various clinical studies which prove the efficacy of the various added components.


Poison PWO

This fitness supplement has been designed to help users maximize their workout output. Though the use of clinically validated agents, Poison is able to increase the rate of ‘essential nutrition transportation’ to our our various muscles and tissues.

This means that users can enjoy a more sustained release of energy during the course of their workouts, it also allows them to ‘come down’ more easily after a stressful session at the gym. Using a specific mix of potent ‘relaxants’, the supplement is able to supply adequate quantities of oxygen, blood and other essential nutrients to our tired body parts.

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